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Current Competitions:

Camelyon 17

The goal of this challenge is to evaluate new and existing algorithms for automated detection and classification of breast cancer metastases in whole-slide images of histological lymph node sections. This task has high clinical relevance and would normally require extensive microscopic assessment by pathologists. The presence of metastases in lymph nodes has therapeutic implications for breast cancer patients. Therefore, an automated solution would hold great promise to reduce the workload of pathologists while at the same time reduce the subjectivity in diagnosis.

The preliminary results are online and we are at rank 10 of 23 teams. Our paper will be published soon.


Predicting Blood Donations

Blood donation has been around for a long time. The first successful recorded transfusion was between two dogs in 1665, and the first medical use of human blood in a transfusion occurred in 1818. Even today, donated blood remains a critical resource during emergencies.

Our dataset is from a mobile blood donation vehicle in Taiwan. The Blood Transfusion Service Center drives to different universities and collects blood as part of a blood drive. We want to predict whether or not a donor will give blood the next time the vehicle comes to campus.

We believe donating blood is important. Good data-driven systems for tracking and predicting donations and supply needs can improve the entire supply chain, making sure that more patients get the blood transfusions they need.